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Nom-noms! Food things!


I’ve had a week of fun in the world of food this week!

Starting with Sunday’s offering of turkey meat-loaf! Paul decided that once he returned from his annual golf trip, he wanted to start a diet (for health, with the added bonus of loosing a few pounds). Since meat-loaf is his favorite meal, he requested it for his last meal before the diet.

Home made Turkey Meat-loaf and baked veggies!

It was DEEEELISHOUS! My best yet! – The only problem is, I never write down what I do with my meat-loafs, so I apologize. The best I can say is I picked up one package of lean ground turkey, mixed that up with crushed crackers, one egg, and some frozen peas and carrots. I threw in a small amount of flour to keep it all together, and threw in some spices (oregano, basil, and cayenne powder). I formed it into a loaf-like shape, put it into the casserole, mixed together some ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and maple syrup (yes! maple syrup!) and poured it over the top. Then I added baby carrots, and sliced potatoes, with some margarine around the edges.

My once a week diet-break: Poutine made with yam fries.

The other night, I decided to go to Paul’s hockey game (he plays in a casual league in Coquitlam, BC) – two of the ice rinks you can see from the upstairs bar, and that nights game was in one of them. So, I chose to watch from there and have dinner at the same time. As a lover of poutine, a fine Canadian delicacy, I felt I would try their spin on it. As a lover of yam fries as well, I chose to mix the two together and asked if it could be done. And it could! – I can’t say they make “normal” poutine – instead of cheese curds, they put grated cheese on top. I’m not sure if I like the difference or not. The gravy was good ol’ beef gravy, and was just the right amount of salty to balance the sweetness of the yam fries.

Apple Salad with “homemade” dressing

The last item I’ll share is the salad I made for tonights dinner. Unlike the meatloaf, I did mentally record what I did for it. Paul seemed uneasy about it at first, but he was licking his fork clean at the end, and wanted more.

Apple Salad

  • 1/2 head of iceberg lettuce
  • 3/4 cup of red cabbage
  • 1/2 cup of shredded carrots
  • 1 cup of light mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of Boathouse Tropical Mango Vinaigrette dressing (or other similar fruit-based vinaigrette)
  • cashews
  • dried asian noodles
  • onion crisps (the kind you can find in the salad-making area of your grocery store.) or croutons
  • 2 medium gala apples (or whatever sweet, crisp apples you prefer)

Mix the lettuce, cabbage, carrots and apple together with the cashews and dried noodles. Apples should be fresh and crisp, as should the lettuce.

In a separate bowl, beat mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and mango vinaigrette together. Amounts can be adjusted to taste. Should be slightly sour, but still sweet. Make more or less according to how much you would like on your salad.

Mix the mayonnaise dressing into the salad, lettuce should be thinly coated (but not too thin!) with the dressing. Top with onion crisps or croutons, and serve.

Makes a sweet but refreshing salad for a warm summer night. Not that it was warm or anything like summer tonight (even though it’s almost half way into June!).

I had intended to include grated marble cheese, but quite forgot. I’ll have to add some for next time.