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I never know how to start the first post of a blog (and believe me, I’ve had several.) – so let’s just jump right in and start looking at cute things.

This is Bumblebee, who I encountered over on Dogs of San Fransisco

Isn’t she a cutie?

One day, myself, and my husband, will have a dog of our own. When we finally find an apartment or basement suite that allows pets, along with 3 bedrooms, and includes laundry, hydro, cable and internet – all for $1000 or less. (We’re not in any hurry, our $700, 2 bedroom suite, is adequate for now! – But I do keep searching, and when it pops up, for certain, I will be all over that in a hurry.)

Paul would like a Jack Russell, and I would like a Welsh Corgi…

How about a Corgi-Jack Russell cross? (Source)