Lengthy Absence.


My appologies, I have been gone for far too long!

We have been moving over the course of September (bigger…hopefully better place!) – it’s a bit stressful, but we’re pulling through!

A couple things I have planned for the next few posts:

  • A selection of DIY Christmas crafts I’ve found.
  • And a selection of DIY Wedding crafts I found back last year when I was planning my wedding.
  • And shared cooking and baking fun!

The first to come up will be the Christmas one – because one can never get an early enough start on their Christmas crafts! Especially when they’re kept busy every day!

One other thing, if you live in the Vancouver, BC area, check out Vancouver Mega Comic-Con October 6 and 7th! It probably won’t be as big as Fan Expo Vancouver was earlier this year, but I’m hoping with some good backers, and big local vendors bringing in their customers, this brand-new comic convention, will survive to come again next year.


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