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Wedding DIY: Paper Flowers


Here you can see some of my flowers floating in water along with floating tealights. These were our centerpieces at our reception.

This is the first of the DIY projects I want to share with you, that I found while planning my wedding.

This is one that I actually used!

I found this tutorial and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it: Make flowers out of old comic book pages!!

I found the flowers simple to make, although time consuming. Each flower took between 15-20 minutes, depending on how focused I was, and whether or not the glue wanted to co-operate.


My wedding bouquet: Silk flowers, comic book flowers, and crystal beads.

The flowers I floated in water (see above) I dipped in wax to water proof them, although this did not prevent them from catching fire! Throughout the reception, many of the floating flowers caught fire – luckily my guests are smart, and they were immediately dunked in the water to put out any flames before they became dangerous.

The other flowers were combined with silk flowers, crystal beads, and ribbon to make the beautiful bouquets that I and my bridesmaids all held.

I chose older comics, with non-glossy paper, as I felt they held the curled edges better – however older comics printed on newsprint, are not as colourful, and don’t stand out as well.

Overall, the flowers were a hit, and my bouquet will be something I can save and cherish for many, many years.

These flowers could be used to create fun and unique centerpieces; easy non-floral bouquets or hair decorations!

Gather a group of bridesmaids and friends, and you can power through 100 of these in one afternoon!


Lengthy Absence.


My appologies, I have been gone for far too long!

We have been moving over the course of September (bigger…hopefully better place!) – it’s a bit stressful, but we’re pulling through!

A couple things I have planned for the next few posts:

  • A selection of DIY Christmas crafts I’ve found.
  • And a selection of DIY Wedding crafts I found back last year when I was planning my wedding.
  • And shared cooking and baking fun!

The first to come up will be the Christmas one – because one can never get an early enough start on their Christmas crafts! Especially when they’re kept busy every day!

One other thing, if you live in the Vancouver, BC area, check out Vancouver Mega Comic-Con October 6 and 7th! It probably won’t be as big as Fan Expo Vancouver was earlier this year, but I’m hoping with some good backers, and big local vendors bringing in their customers, this brand-new comic convention, will survive to come again next year.