Adventures in Breadmaking


So, last Sunday I was waiting for Paul to come home from his golf tournament, and decided that I should finally take a turn at making bread.

Now with adorable owl timer!

I chose a very simple recipe I found in the book Make the Bread, Buy the Butter, by Jennifer Reese. It was easy to follow, and required no kneading. This was a key point for me, because this was what had been holding me back from making bread in the past.

I chose to use water, and instead of part whole wheat, part white flour, I used all white flour.

It took longer to rise than expected, but I blame that in part on myself. I should have let it rise on the oven as it was heating, but instead set on the counter. If I had left them on the oven, it wouldn’t have taken an extra hour and a half to rise.

Baking in the oven!

After they finished in the oven, they turned into thick, heavy, doughy loaves. Not the usual white fluffy stuff I’m used to picking up from the grocery store! But! I sliced off an end, and it tasted SO VERY GOOD!

Fresh and tasty!

For anyone looking to try their hand at bread making, it was a simple and easy introduction for me to the art. Next time I’ll try something a little more complicated, and with a little more kneading. It’s been very satisfying eating home made bread for the last week.


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